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Aside from the extensive amenities offered by the Pelican Bay Foundation, a large portion of our Membership enjoys participating in various outdoor recreational activities including bird watching, fishing (catch & release), running, jogging, rollerblading and bicycling, just to name a few.

The Berm

The majority of the outdoor recreational activities take place on the Pelican Bay Berm. "The Berm" as it is commonly referred to, runs approximately 2.31 miles through a pristine mangrove environment. Contained within are three different species of mangroves (red, white and black) along with various species of birds, animals and aquatic wildlife.

Although it is quite enjoyable to ride the Tram System, many Members choose to incorporate exercise while navigating to their destination. One of the valuable items ingrained within the Berm is a system of bricks every 10th of a mile (528 feet).

These bricks begin at Station #8 and end at Station #1 for a round trip of 2.31 miles. Below you will find a description of where each station in located.



Members are allowed to fish at various locations throughout Pelican Bay including the Boardwalks, Clam Bay and the Beach. Fishing on the Berm is prohibited. Please remember, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission requires anyone over the age of 16 to possess a valid fishing license. Click here to purchase a fishing license.


Members and Guests enjoy riding their bicycles throughout Pelican Bay for recreational and athletic purposes on the streets, sidewalks and the berm. According to Florida law, bicycles are vehicles. Therefore, the cyclist must obey all rules, laws, traffic signals and signs that apply to motor vehicles. Enjoy riding!

Jogging and Rollerblading

Two of the most frequently seen exercises in Pelican Bay are jogging and rollerblading. With its smooth surface, the berm is very inviting for our Members and Guests. Remember to keep towards the right and when approaching someone and let them know of your near them to prevent accidents. 

The distances map below shows areas other than the berm which have been mapped out for your convenience.