OnyakTech Forms

OnyakTech Forms Builder

A Data Collection Module for DotNetNuke
by OnyakTech

OnyakTech Forms Builder has one primary goal of being extremely easy to use for those times when you need to create a data entry form quickly and with full creative design rights.  If you have any questions or need any help with this module, go to www.OnyakTech.com and we'll be glad to help you.

Forms Videos: Watch videos on how to use OnyakTech Forms on http://www.onyaktech.com/Demo.aspx

Lets get started! 

  1. FORM DESIGN: To edit an existing form, click on "Form Editor" module menu option.  Select your form, edit and Save.
  2. ADVANCED CONTROL OPTIONS: While in "Edit" mode on your DotNetNuke page, right-click controls to display the Control Context Menu to edit the controls validation and display options.
  3. FORM DISPLAY: To select the form to display, database options, email settings and more click on "Form Display Setup". Select your form and Save.

That's it!  Forms are stored in the "OnyakTechForms" forms in your Portal folder. To create new forms just save your form content from the editor to a new file in the folder with the "htm" file extension.   

Don't forget to check out the included samples by selecting them from the Forms list in the Form Editor.

NOTE: This is a sample form that will be updated after upgrades. Please use the Form Editor to save this as a new Form if you would like to keep your changes.

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